5 Patent Structure Design, for Class 1 DIV 1 & 2, Class 2 DIV 1 & 2, Group A, B, C, D, Group E, F, G, Hazardous Location. Meanwell driver and 50,000 hours lifespan.
This LED Flood Light for hazardous location Class I Division 2, Group A, B, C, D with IECEX, ATEX, UL844, UL1598A, CNEX Certification, LM80 certified and high lumen flux, Meanwell driver and 50,000 ...
Tab:第一娱乐游戏真人 Feature:澳门国际真人娱乐游戏网站 CESP's mobile lighting fixtures have professional explosion-proof characteristics and are ...





This Portable LED explosion proof hand lights / LED drop lights have multi-style to choose, special for hazardous location lighting, emergency power supply optional.


8 Style Patent Structure Design, Explosion-proof Aluminum Alloy, Good Heat Dissipation.
IP67 Protection Rated, Lasting and Reliable.


180° 360°, LED LM80 Certified, High Efficacy Up to 110lm/W, Optimize illumination in Vertical Plane;
No Glare to Ensure a Comfortable.


Meanwell HLG Series LED Driver, >90% Efficacy, UL Certify.
Long Lifespan >50,000 Hours. 


UL844 for Class 1 Division 1 & 2, Class II Div 1 & 2, ATEX Zone 1 & 21, Zone 2 & 22.
UL1598, Corrosive Environments, Coastal Marine Facilities.


Multi-Installation, Portable & Hang & String, Light Weight, Get Powerful Illumination EASY to Take Anywhere.


Coking Plant Industry Lighting, Coal Mine Lighting, Emergency Lighting for Hazardous Area Lighting ,etc.

CESP Explosion proof LED Lights for Hazardous Areas真人娱乐游戏送现金苹果版

CESP LED explosion-proof lights with UL844, ATEX, IECEX certification are widely used for Class I Div 1 & 2, Class II div 1 & 2 and Zone 1 & 21, Zone 2 & 22 hazardous areas, including coal mine lighting, coking plant lighting, offshore drilling platforms lighting, oil field united station lighting,  chemical plants lighting, aviation base lighting and more. 

Metallurgical Industry Hazardous area lighting
Coking Plant lighting led
Gas Station led Lighting solution
Offshore Platforms Lighting solution
Oil United Station lighting
Coal Mine Lighting led
led lighting for Chemical Plants
air Base led Lighting


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CESP LED Explosion Proof Flood Lights & Explosion Proof Exit Sign Light for Container project, This Case in United Arab Emirates.
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CESP LED Explosion Proof Lights apply in Drilling Platform. This projects in China, including CESP LED explosion proof flood lights CES-J series and CESP LED explosion proof high bay lights CES-GB series.
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CESP Class I DIV 2 LED Explosion Proof Light Apply in Oil Refinely Hazardous Location.
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Hazardous Area LED Lighting Fixture for Military Powder Magazine  
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80W LED Explosion proof Lights Lighting Fixture Project in USA.  
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This case for Eaststar Gas Group, 120W LED explosion proof gas station light.
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This case is for Naval hospital parking Lot in the USA, 80W LED Explosion Proof Light, 2500PCS.
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HEMPEL Paint factory 1000PCS 100W LED explosion proof lights project